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Face Search API
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Integrate to your apps to search,
compare, and identify within minutes

State of the art algorithm without all the headaches

Accurate, Reliable and Easy-to-Use

99% ++ Accuracy
Our model is well-trained and tested across different image conditions. It will give you state-of-the-art accuracy.
Fast Implementation
Our API allows you to integrate facial recognition to your apps with a few lines of code.
Fast and Scalable
No need to worry about scaling complex AI operations. Our service is scalable and will allow you to search millions of faces.
Reasonable Pricing
No need for big investment for AI Team to catch up with competitors. Our service is pay per use with substantial discount for long-term commitment.
Face Embedding

Deep Learning models work by turning digital signals into numerically represented features. These are called a face embedding.

A Face Embedding represents a person's face in numerical, and will allow you to do mathematical operations on it. For example, this allows developers to find similar faces by comparing the distances between different embeddings.

Face Search

Automatically detect faces in the database. Then given a query image, our API will return images of the queried person.

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Face Verification
THB 0.15
per API call
Face Embedding
THB 0.075
per API call